Located south of Lima in the Peruvian coastal desert is the little town of Nazca. The town is a great place to spend a few days relaxing in one of the many hotels with swimming pool. Year round the climate is perfect with nearly no rainfall to speak of all year rounds. What most people come to Nazca to see the mysterious Nazca Lines that are located just outside of town. Here we are going to give you some Nazca Lines facts that you may not have known.

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Nazca Lines Facts

  1. There are over 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plants designs
  2. The largest figure found at Nazca stretches about 200 meters across.
  3. The longest figure found at Nazca goes for 9 miles
  4. According to archaeologists these mysterious lines and drawings were created by the Nazca people between the 1st and the 8th century
  5. The lines were formed by the careful removal of the reddish pebbles that make up the desert surface
  6. The Nazca desert in southern Peru is one of the driest places on earth, which has little wind and mild all year round, perfect conditions for the preservation of the lines.
  7. The total area of the Nazca Lines is around 500 km square
  8. Most of the lines are a shallow trench between 10 and 15cm deep.
  9. Many people believe that the lines can only be seen from the air but they can also be seen from surrounding foothills.
  10. The most famous Nazca drawings are The Hummingbird, The Condor, The Heron, The Astronaut, The Spider, The Pelican, the Dog, The Hands, and the Monkey.
  11. The rapid change in weather conditions around the world could cause extreme damage to the Nazca lines as only a small amount of water is needed for the Nazca lines to be washed away.
  12. According to research from a University in the USA, the lines have an electric conductivity 8000 times higher than the desert next to them.
  13. The region around the lines is a mineral-rich environment where Nitrates have been found in abundant quantities.
  14. Researchers say that the Spider is an anamorphic diagram of the constellation Orion.
  15. In a December 2014 publicity stunt, Greenpeace places a series of large cloth letters visible from the air reading “Time for change! The future is renewable GREENPEACE” in the area next to the Hummingbird leaving footprints in the ground, they have since apologized.

The Nazca Lines Mystery continues today as nobody really knows the purpose of the lines and who built them.

Luxury travel to Nazca Lines can include private cars from Lima and to stay at the beachside town of Paracas.

Paracas National Reserve

North of Nazca is the Paracas National Reserve and the town of Paracas, a small coastal town, which features many lovely resort style hotels for you pass a few days relaxing. Some of which are the Aranwa Paracas, the Double Tree Resort by Hilton and the Paracas Luxury Collection resort all wonderful five star hotels to stay. If the budget will not stretch to five star than consider some of the other hotels on offer.

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Travel close to Paracas to the coastal town of Pisco, this small was devastated by an earthquake a few years ago and has not seemed to recover. From the port, in Pisco, you can take a speedboat tour out to the Ballestas Islands. Grandiosely nicknamed the ‘poor man’s Galapagos,’ the Islas Ballestas makes for a memorable excursion. The only way to get here is on a boat tour, offered by many tour agencies and hotels. Tours leave at 8 am, 10 am and noon from the Pisco. The 8 am tour usually has the calmest seas and best wildlife viewing.

While the two-hour tours do not disembark onto the islands, they do get you startlingly close to an impressive variety of wildlife.

Close to Paracas is the vast desert reserve occupies most of the Península de Paracas and houses remote beaches backed by dramatic arid landscapes and plenty of wonderful wildlife. In front of the Centro de interpretation near the park entrance, there is a lookout from which it is possible to spot Chilean flamingos in the bay below. Further south, La Mina is the best beach in the reserve with gentle waters perfect for swimming. To the west of La Mina, Punta Arquillo hosts a significant sea-lion colony.

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On your tour to the Ballestas Islands, you will see a giant three-pronged figure etched into the sandy hills, which is more than 150m high and 50m wide. No one knows exactly who made the glyph or when, or what it signifies, but theories abound. Some connect it to the Nazca Lines; while others propound that, it served as a navigational guide for sailors and was based on the constellation of the Southern Cross. Some even believe it to have been inspired by a local cactus species with hallucinogenic properties.

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Travel between Peru Ballestas Islands and the Nazca Lines is easy which private or public transport available. We hoped you enjoyed some of the Nazca Lines facts in this article. Book your tour to the Nazca Lines today.

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