Recently you may have been hearing a lot about the food in Peru, Peruvian food is currently experiencing a worldwide rise in popularity. Did you know that last year Peru won, the World’s Best Culinary Destination at the World Travel Awards. There are Peruvian restaurants opening all over the world due to the popularity of the Andean countries cuisine.Β  Here we are going to give you an idea of the top 10 best foods Peru and what you should try on your next Peruvian holiday.

Peruvians love their food and it shows with the variety of foods make from fresh ingredients that are locally grown. Depending on what region you are visiting, the food will vary. On the coastal region, you will try a variety of seafood, in the highlands warm hearty meals feature and in the jungle regions, many fruit based dishes. Now let us get started with the list and get ready to experience some of the best food available.

Number 1. And for the fish lovers among you try the Ceviche. This dish consists of raw fish marinated in lemon juice. This dish is served with onion, roasted corn and sweet potato. Served all over Peru, it is commonly suggested that the coast of Peru is that best place to try the dish where the seafood is fresher.

ceviche top 10 best foods peru

Number 2. Considered to be the national dish of Peru, Lomo Saltado can be found in restaurants all over the country. The plate is tender meat fried with tomatoes and onions served with potato fries and rice.

lomo saltado top 10 best foods peru

Number 3. Aji de Gallina as dish consisting of shredded chicken cooked in rich yellow chili sauce. It take a while to prepare but the end result is a fabulous creamy mix, which will delight the taste buds.

aji de gallina top 10 best foods peru

Number 4. Peruvians do not do take away food like the rest of us but when they do, it is usually Pollo al la Brasa. This Peruvian style roasted chicken is indeed very tasty, marinated before cooked over hot coals you will find this chicken dish all over Peru. Something not to be missed.

pollo brasa top 10 best foods peru

Number 5. Rocoto Relleno, originating in the north of the country, this plate features a stuffed pepper filled with beef, cheese and vegetables. Normally served at parties and is very tasty but beware it can be a little spicy.

rocoto relleno top 10 best foods peru

Number 6. If you game to try the street food, you will have to try Anticuchos. Marinated meat or heart skewers, grilled, you will find and smell these treats on nearly every corner in every major town in Peru.

anticuchos top 10 best foods peru

Number 7. Traditionally served on special occasions is the Peruvian Cuy, you would know Cuy as Guinea Pig. Not for the faint of heart as it is usually served with the head still on but the meat is tasty, soft and delicious. Okay not for everyone Cuy can be mostly found in the highland regions of Peru.

cuy top 10 best foods peru

Number 8. For a late night meal you will see restaurants selling Caldo de Gallina, this is a chicken broth normally made with potatoes and chicken, very filling and warming on a cold highland night.

caldo gallina top 10 best foods peru

Number 9. Not really known for its desserts, Peru has a few special treats that you must try. The first is Picarones. Made from a mixture of Squash and Yam, yes you heard right, fried and served with a sweet honey sauce. Often referred to as the Peruvian Donut you will find Picarones mostly in the afternoons.

picarones top 10 best foods peru

Number 10. Not really a food but we have to mention it, is the Pisco Sour cocktail. Made from Peruvian Pisco, limejuice, egg whites and lots of ice, you cannot travel to Peru and not experience at least one Pisco Sour. Take the time and seek one out, enjoy with your Peruvian food and get the recipe to take home.

pisco sour top 10 best foods peru

Luxury Peru tours are available so do your research and decide what the best tour is for you. Peru is one of the most diverse countries on the planet with much to see and do. You cannot miss the city of Lima one of the top food destinations in the world and the best place to begin your culinary journey in Lima Peru. The best restaurants Lima Peru await you and should not be missed. The cities restaurants feature three time in the world’s top fifty list and you will need a reservation to enjoy. Let us not forget the Andean City of Cusco, which is also filled with wonderful restaurants for all tastes.

restaurants top 10 best foods peru

PeruvianΒ΄s love their food and it shows in the care and time they put into the preparation and delivery. Food is part of the Peruvian culture and it is an important part of daily life and is always featured in celebrations.

If you love your food, you are going to love Peru so why not book your Peruvian adventure today, book online or contact your travel agent. However, do not forget to try some of the top 10 best foods Peru.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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