On any visit to Cusco, you will without a doubt spend some time in the main square known as the CuscoΒ΄s Plaza de Armas. This square is the heart and soul of the city and in Inca Times was used for great occasions. The city has a spectacular mountain backdrop that contrasts with the Spanish architecture and the Inca history.

Everyone seems to gather on the Plaza de Armas from locals to tourists the square is always full. The plaza is full of lovely colonial buildings with balconies that you can sit and enjoy the day. Restaurants feature and you will never be short of a place to eat.

fountain cuscos plaza de armas

The plaza has lovely manicured gardens with cut grass and flowers. In the center of the plaza is a fountain with a statue of the Inca King Pachacutec that resides over the square. The architecture and geography of Cusco is unlike any other. Cusco features all the modern conveniences of a modern city but is layer upon layer of history with Inca foundations and Spanish churches all over the city. In Inca times, the plaza was bigger but when Spanish conquered the city, they began building streets and buildings making the square half the size.

cuscos plaza de armas cathedral

Cusco is one of the only plazaΒ΄s in South America that features not only one church but two. Before the churches were built, the Spanish dismantled the Inca temples and used the same stones for their churches. Today you can see the two churches that are built on Inca foundations and out of Inca stones. A point of interest is that one of the paintings in the Cathedral painted by a Quechua artist by the name of Marcos Zapata of the last supper features guinea pig. Take the time to seek it out on your visit.

The history of the Plaza de Armas in Cusco has always been one of a place of meeting. Throughout the years, the square has seen many events including the Spanish conquest as well as the execution of Tupac Amaru II who had led the uprising against the Spanish in the 1700s. Today the plaza is a melting pot for Peruvians and for tourists from all over the planet. This mix has led to the variety of foods that are available on and around the plaza. You will find traditional Peruvian dishes and international food as well as your favorite fast foods.

cuscos plaza de armas inka museum

Cusco Peru TravelΒ has much to offer the international tourist with many fabulous ancient sites to visit in and around Cusco. Take a city tour of Cusco and see the important churches in the city and hear the history. Also on a city tour, you will visit the ancient Inca ruins just outside Cusco. Spend some time exploring the city on your own; there are many museums that will give you a good history of the city. See how the locals live and visit the local markets and may be buy a souvenir or two.

cuscos plaza de armas hotel

Around CuscoΒ΄s Plaza de Armas, you will find many luxury hotels in Cusco. The range of luxury hotels on offer will both amaze and delight the luxury traveler. The Belmond Monestario and the Belmond Nazarenas are two hotels in Cusco that have all the luxury inclusions. Both are housed in Spanish Colonial mansions and each has a unique history. If you are feeling the effects of the altitude you can have oxygen pumped into your room. There are many other luxury hotels around the plaza. Most are housed in ancient hotels and beautifully renovated and retain their colonial pasts. Some have impressive art collections, which are available to admire. All of the hotels have fine dining restaurants for you to try the local cuisine. If you like beautiful hotels then Cusco is the place you should visit.

Once you have discovered all that Cusco has to offer travel on a luxurious train ride Cusco Puno Peru. Puno is a town in the Southern most part of the Peruvian Andes and is famous for the lake. Lake Titicaca is one of the highest lakes on the planet and is an attraction that should not be missed.

cuscos plaza de armas restaurant

While visiting the lake you will have to visit the famous Uros Islands, why these Islands are famous you may ask these islands are made completely out of reeds grown locally around the lake. The Uros people live and work on the lake and you are able to visit and see their fascinating way of life. This is something that you will not experience anywhere else so take the time to visit the Uros Islands.

A trip to Cusco Peru should be on your list of must see. Peru is one of the most diverse countries on the planet with the country featuring the coast, the highlands and the jungle. All have their attractions and all are available to visit. Do your research and decide on which parts of Peru you want to visit, but do not miss Cusco and the beautiful Plaza de Armas.

Peru has many wonders waiting for you to be discovered. Here in Cusco Peru Travel, our speciality is to make your trip an outstanding experience, fill-in this form and let your tailor-made luxury Peru vacation begin.

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