Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru

reasons to visit peru

Every place on earth is unique and fascinating, but Peru is one of those countries that manage to be above average. This place has so many cultural, historical, and natural treasures that it has kept people around the world in awe for many years. This country has many attractions and great diversity to explore. That […]

Lost Pyramid of Caral


Caral is another of the great archaeological sites found in northern Peru, it was built between 3,000 BC and 2,100 BC, practically at the same time that the pyramids of Egypt were built. It is also another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is not usually as traveled as the Wonder of the World. Yet what […]

Places to Visit in Machu Picchu

places to visit in machu picchu

We know how difficult it can be to organize a tour when it comes to Machu Picchu. But once there, do you know which are the best places to visit? We have thought deeply about this topic together with the experts at Cusco Peru Travel. And we have come to a small list where we […]

Wonderful archaeological sites in Peru

archaeological sites in peru

If we are going to talk about archaeological sites, Machu Picchu is without a doubt the main exponent and attraction of Peru. But this does not mean that the Wonder of the World is the only archaeological site to visit. Within Peru, you can find more than 19,900 archaeological sites, some more popular than others. […]

Inca civilization and astronomy

inca astronomy

Almost all ancient civilizations marveled at the vastness of the sky and its stars, and the Inca culture was no exception. For the ancient Inca Empire, astronomy formed an important part of their culture and worldview. It was one of the most important studies for this civilization and its development was very advanced for the […]

Amazing adventure activities in Peru

adventure activities

The beautiful Andean country is internationally recognized for being the cradle of many ancient civilizations, hence a large number of archaeological and historical attractions can be found. But thanks to its topography and the many scenic landscapes that you can find around it, it is one of the best countries to enjoy adventure tours. With […]

Laguna 69 in Huaraz

laguna 69

For those who love hiking, Peru is usually an endless paradise. You will find numerous very attractive and challenging hiking trails throughout the country. Thanks to its great geographical diversity, the entire Andean country is home to numerous natural settings where you can undertake new adventures. Huaraz is usually one of the best regions among […]

Peru Landscapes

peruvian landscapes

Peru is a complete and all-terrain tourist destination in every way, where you can enjoy not only a unique culture in South America but also all its distinctions intertwined with food, architecture, and art. But despite the architectural and archaeological wonders that Peru offers, one of its greatest strengths is its unparalleled natural settings. Thanks […]

Culture of Peru

peruvian culture

Together with the travel experts of Cusco Peru Travel, we know that a good travel experience is not defined by its destinations and scenic landscapes only. The characteristic culture and traditions of the Andean country have a great role in our tour packages. Because our purpose is not that you can only get to know […]